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Becoming an author was a great experience for me. As Maya Angelou has shared, “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.”

I developed my own resiliency through years of struggle against racism, bullying and emotional abuse. Through this experience I’ve reclaimed my personal power and confidence to rebuild my life.

My first solo book revolved around my “why.” Why I am who I am and why I do what I do. And why anyone who has experienced an ounce of abuse should not only read about my transformation and how I developed my powers to heal myself and others, they should subscribe to Powerline, my monthly newsletter. Begin to feel the importance of reclaiming power that resides within you so you can live your life powerfully and successfully.

My Books

"Hearts do Matter"

A new release, "Hearts do Matter," by Anita Myers, is a beautiful picture book about a little girl whose mother promised she would always be with her. She keeps her promise in the most loving way, by leaving hearts for her daughter to find.

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"Grateful Celebrations"

"Grateful Celebrations" is an interactive gratitude journal created to accompany the book "Hearts do Matter." Take time to revisit and pay tribute to wonderful moments and memories that celebrate someone you love.

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"The Undercover Superhero: Mission Possible is an Inside Job"

The Undercover Superhero is a life manual sharing what it’s like living with emotional abusers and what it takes to step away from those experiences and into our own powerful, beautiful light.

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